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Things to do in Tiradentes
Get to know cultural walks that explore all the artistic, historical and cultural potential of our region.
Places that you can not miss in Tiradentes.
Santo Antônio Mother Church
Stone House
São José Sierra
Museum of the Liturgy
Fountain of São José
Landmark of the Royal Road
Bom Despacho Waterfall
São Francisco de Paula Church
Routes & Tours
Get to know Tiradentes and make a real trip back in time.

Nothing like trying to get into the local lifestyle when we are in Tiradentes, to leave aside the noise and agitation of the great urban centers and walk through streets and alleys that look like a trip back in time.

The stone pavement of the city itself will make you walk slowly observing everything around, stroll through historical constructions and beautiful houses that are part of the history of our country. And it is in these townhouses and mansions that are the restaurants and handicraft shops of Tiradentes.

Be sure to visit the famous Chico Doceiro, the candy of Bolota, ride a buggy, visit the churches and museums of the city.

But Tiradentes also holds a wide range of nature-related activities such as hiking, biking trails, boat trips and lots of culture and history.

Jardineira Night Tour

One of the great attractions of the Automobile Museum is the Jardineira, which for 7 years makes night tours in Tiradentes. The 1 hour and 45 minute ride is packed with lots of information and history that are told to tourists visiting the city.

The night tour is very interesting and was made to make the tourist feel immersed in history. The visitor will have lots of information that will leave you satisfied and with a desire to come back more often.

City Tour Alleys & Forests Secret Way of the Slaves

A welcome script, elaborated to present the whole historical panorama, curiosities and tips of Tiradentes and region. A pleasant walk through Tiradentes, passing through the secret paths, formerly used by the slaves: the alleys and forests. An amazing script!

Schedule / Attractions:

  • Historical panorama: War of the Emboabas, Gold cycle, Inconfidência Mineira, Royal Street, Causes, Legends and curiosities of the region (Crosses in the facades, Tiles made in the cochas, Eiras and Beiras, Gold Betas, Alembiques, Orapronobis, etc.)
  • Visit to the forest “Mother of Water”, Mata Atlântica and the source that supplies the fountain.
Hiking in São José Sierra & Lenheiro Sierra

Have you ever imagined seeing Tiradentes from a point of view that few people know about?

The hiking in Tiradentes has as main focus the alliance between knowledge and leisure so that the visitor can discover all the wealth and potential of our natural heritage.

Bicycle Routes, Trails and Tracks

An amazing script, where the participant will know the ancient paths of the Royal Street, its waterfalls and the city of Santa Cruz de Minas.

Afterwards, in São João del Rei, the group will return to Tiradentes by the edge of the railway line.



  • Estrada Real Tiradentes x São João del Rei
  • Bom Despacho Waterfall
  • Landmark of the Royal Street
  • City of Santa Cruz de Minas
  • Bridge over the Rio das Mortes (Old Port of the Passage)
  • Rails of the Centro Atlântica Railroad (76 cm gauge – unique in the world)
  • View of the Serra de São José, Margins of the Rio das Mortes, lakes and farms
  • Maria Fumaça (weekends)
  • River Elvas (diving)

City Schedule

Calendar provided by Tiradentes City Hall.


  • 02/06 a 04/06 – 5º Tiradentes Vinho e Jazz Festival
  • 02/06 a 12/06 – Jubileu da Santíssima Trindade
  • 13/06 (terça) – Dia de Santo Antônio (Feriado Municipal)
  • 15/06 (quinta) a 18/06 (domingo) – Feriado “Corpus Christi”
  • 21/06 a 25/06 – BikeFest Tiradentes / blues e jazz


  • 07/07 a 09/07 – 1º Festival de Artes e Tradições de Tiradentes
  • 30/07 – IV Encontro de Congado Nossa Senhora do Rosário e Escrava Nastácia (Largo das Forras)


  • 18/08 a 27/08 – Festival de Cultura e Gastronomia.


  • Felit – Festival de Literatura São João del-Rei e Tiradentes
  • 7/09 (quinta) a 10/09 – Feriado Independência
  • 14/09 a 24/09 – Festival Artes Vertentes
  • 30/09 a 1º/10 – XTERRA


  • 06/10 a 08/10 – Festa do Carro de Bois e Tropeiros
  • 26/10 a 29/10 – Encontro Criativo em Tiradentes


  • 02/11(quinta) a 05/11(domingo) – Feriado Finados
  • 15/11(quarta) – “Proclamação da República”
  • 15/11 a 25/11 – 8º Duo Jazz


  • 01/12 a 06/01 – 3º Natal Barroco

Tradition, comfort and quality in Tiradentes.

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